You are special, just like Bigfoot!

Welcome to Bigfoot Nation. Well, actually, it’s Bigfoot Nation Club.

Why is it a club? Because we are a special breed, just like Bigfoot himself! There may be a lot of us but compared to the rest of the population (who are wrong), we are a very small minority who choose to Believe.

That is why this is a club. It’s Members-only here. Now, currently, there is no fee to join, but we don’t want any outsiders here.

In a sense, we are a lot like Bigfoot himself–we wish to remain in the shadows, behind the trees. We want to be noticed but we don’t want to stand out.

Here is the place you want to be to tell your story, share in your experiences, and bond with other believers.

Again, welcome. Please take a look around, get comfy, and satisfy your needs for everything Bigfoot.

​Latest posts

Bigfoot Tee-shirt (Bigfoot found you)

Ah man, who are you kidding? After a night of beer-drinkin’ and hell-raisin’, you thought you found Bigfoot. But you know what?

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Bigfoot Mug

Bigfoot has a mighty thirst. Because of where he hangs out most of the time (the Pacific Northwest, or as we like

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Livin’ the Dream Sticker

Just added: Livin’ the Dream 2×2 inch sticker

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Bigfoot Sightings Map!

I just found this cool Bigfoot map! Check it out.

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Bigfoot Subreddit

I just found this gem – a subreddit on Bigfoot! There is a ton of stuff in here. It’s all very interesting.

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Bigfoot FAQs

Just published: All About Bigfoot, a Bigfoot FAQ.

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